how you can increase traffic on your website.

By | June 7, 2020

Hello friends, welcome to this article of yours today, today I am going to tell you in this article how you can increase traffic on your website. So friends, let’s start this article of ours today,

So friends today, many bloggers face the same problem that they make their own blog or website, but they are unable to bring traffic to that blog or website; without traffic, your blog or website is of no use. To be successful in blogging, it is very important to increase the traffic of your blog or website. Even today, there are many bloggers who, even after writing more than 100 articles on their website, Organic Traffic does not come on their website, so friends there is no need to take tension because in this article you will be told some such steps. I am the one whom you can follow and bring traffic directly to your blog or website from the Organic ie Search Engine.

How To Increase Traffic On Website?

So friends, if you want to increase traffic on your website, then today I am going to tell you 3 easy ways with which you can bring a lot of organic traffic to your website.

1. Keyword Research: – Friends, if you want to bring traffic to your website, then first you have to pay attention to articles, when you write articles on your website, then you have to take care of Keyword Research completely by doing Keyword Research only. Articles have to be written on blog or website.

For Keyword Research you can use free Keyword Research Tools like Keyword planner and Ubersuggest. Use such a keyword on your website or blog whose search volume is high but Keyword is low competition.

2. Share On Social Sites: – Share On Social Sites is the second best way to bring traffic to friends website. Nowadays most people remain active on social media, due to which you can bring a lot of traffic by sharing your blog or website articles on all social media platforms.

You have to create your account on all social media platforms and keep sharing your blog articles.

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